Rapid technological developments not only makes knowledge available to everyone, they also give everyone the tools to invent and produce. Assisted by the advent of digital manufacturing and the unlimited amount of knowledge that can be accessed via the internet, everyone is now able to make and develop devices that were previously restricted to large factories. A new generation of makers and occupational therapists are seizing this opportunity by inventing and producing adapted on of a kind products in people's homes, in sheltered workshops and rehabilitation centers. Basically, this approach works in two ways, personalized assistive products are fitted to the users and users become fitted to their products.
Design for (every)one” is a Belgium based research and education project between Ghent University (Ugent) and the University College of West-Flanders (Howest). It aims to bridge the gap between open design and assistive technology through co-design. Co-construction is applied as an incremental personalization process involving simultaneously design team members, patients and occupational therapists blending the boundaries of make time and use time. The use of product hacking and self-regulation techniques enable us to co-design products that are adaptive to skills and emergent challenges of unique disabled users and their stakeholders.
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